PHP → Senior PHP Developer requirements

My vision of requirements for a candidate for the Senior PHP Developer position.

Main requirements:

— 5+ years of software development experience with PHP
— Deep understanding of OOP, SOLID, Design Patterns and principles
— Strong knowledge in one of the databases MySQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB, ability to optimize queries
— Solid experience of work with one of the modern frameworks (Laravel, Symfony, Yii, Zend, etc)
— REST API design and development experience
— Solid experience with Git and understanding Git flow
— Experience with caching Memcached, Redis, Varnish etc
— Experience with message brokers RabbitMQ, Kafka etc

— Profound knowledge of HTML5, CSS3
— Middle-level experience with JavaScript
— Experience with Docker/Vagrant
— Experience with testing and writing unit tests using PHPUnit
— Good understanding of UNIX systems, configuration of Apache/Nginx
— Intermediate or Fluent English and good communication skills


Would be good:

— Proficient in Javascript and experience with Angular/React/Vue or similar frameworks
— Working experience with NoSQL databases, WebSocket, OAuth, OpenID technologies
— Well knowledge of automated testing practices, application of TDD, BDD approaches
— Experience with integration of payment systems PayPal, Stripe, etc
— Experience with AWS platform
— Participation in open source projects
— Experience with technical writing/documentation
— Base knowledge in other languages like Python or Golang would be a plus


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